Wood Inlay BowTies

Inlays in woodworking go by many names including bow tie, bowtie, butterfly, sticher, dutchman, and many others.  Having been disappointed with bowties I purchased for my live edge tables, I bought the equipment to make my own.  Since I started making my own bowties, I've gone on the hunt to find new exotic woods to sell at woodsurgeonshop on Etsy. So far, I've listed over 50 different varieties of wood.  On the My Technique page, I go into detail about how I do my inlays.  Here's a sampling of the some of the woods.

Katalox in Black Walnut

Purpleheart in Black Walnut

Bloodwood in Canarywood

Patagononia Rosewood in Cherry

Macadamia in Red Gum

Redheart in Black Walnut

Black Walnut in Spalted Quartersawn Sycamore

Katalox (Mexican Royal Ebony)  in Black Walnut

Niove in Black Walnut

Katalox in Cherry

Patagonian Rosewood in Cherry

Bloodwood in Canarywood

Black Palm in Black Walnut

Koa in Spalted Black Gum

Cocobolo in Black Walnut

Ziricote in Black Walnut

Australian Brown Mallee Burl in Black Walnut

Macassar Ebony in Black Walnut

Wild Olive in Black Walnut

Australian Red Mallee Burl in Black Walnut

Bocote in White Oak

African Blackwood in Black Walnut

Cherry in Maple

African Blackwood in Pecan

Ziricote in Poplar

Camelthorn in Black Walnut

Kingwood in Poplar

Australian Brown Mallee in Pecan

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