Customer's Furniture

From  Sarah in Asheville

Queenwood bow ties and black walnut

From Jacek in  Calgary

White Oak

From Logan in Georgia

Padauk with Black Walnut Bowties

From Anthony in Florida

Claro Walnut Cookie Table

Black Walnut Bowties

Flowyline Design Base

From Josh in Texas

Black Walnut Table

Curly Maple Bowties

Click button below to his YouTube building this table

From Eliot in Mississippi

Claro Walnut with Redheart Bowtie Table

Cherry with Brass Bowtie

From Mike in Texas, MG Wood Customs

Wenge Bowtie

Table stand is from  Flowyline Designs

Sycamore with Wenge Bowties

From Chris in Arizona

First time doing inlays, Great job!

Native Willow Acacia Sassafras Bowties

From Josh in Texas

Claro Walnut with Curly Maple Bowties

Click to visit his website

From Donny in Arizona

Patagonian Rosewood

Table he made for his Uncle who served in the Marine Corps

From Scrub RN Jen in Pennsylvannia.  Her first time inlaying bowties.  Her surgeons should hand her the knife!

From Louis at Live Edge Audio

What a great idea!

Live edge black walnut with Leopardwood Bowties

Live edge cedar speakers with Padauk Bowties

From Thomas in Nebraska

Owner of TD Wood Customs

White Ash Slab with Leopardwood Bowties

From Chet in Ohio

Black Walnut Cookie Slab and Ambrosia Maple Bowties

From Spencer in North Carolina

Black Walnut Cookie Slab and Pau Ferro aka Bolivian Rosewood Bowties

Black Walnut Slab and Wenge Bowties

Cameo by the cutest little nugget!

From Brad in Ohio

White Oak with Black Walnut Butterflys

From Terry in Virginia

Black Walnut

Black Walnut and Cherry Inlays

From David in Connecticut

Black Walnut

Great idea for legs for a cookie slab!

From Mike in Nebraska

Black Walnut

From Sergei in Maryland

Black Walnut with Wenge & Redheart Inlays

From Brandon in California

Claro Walnut with Blue Mahoe Bowties

Sergei in Maryland

Black Walnut with Purpleheart & Black Walnut Bowtie Inlays

Stephan in New York

White Oak Bowtie Inlays

Monish in Indiana

Purpleheart Bowtie Inlays

Mitch in Michigan

Black Walnut with Hickory Bowtie Inlay

Mike in Nebraska

Black Walnut Table and Bowties

Forrest in Oregon

Teak with Koa Bowtie Inlays

Johnny in California

Claro Walnut

Purple Heart, Osage Orange, Chatke Vige, Paduak Bowtie Inlays

Margeret in North Carolina

Ambrosia Maple with Katalox Bowtie Inlay

From Michael in Oregon

Rubberwood and Ceylon Ebony Bowtie Inlays

From Meyers Woodworking in North Carolina

Black Walnut Slab and Bowties

From Sarah in Colorado

Ash with Tigerwood Bowtie

From David in Missouri

His first Dutchman Inlay, Great Job!

Horse Chestnut with Quilted Wenge Bowtie

From Michael in Oregon

Work in progress for his grandkids!

Rubberwood and Ceylon Ebony Bowties

From Jocelyne in Maine

Maple with Hickory Bowties

From Mike in Pennsylvania

Black Walnut with Tigerwood Bowties

Mike harvested the black walnut on his father's property before his passing.  Mike made this window bench in honor of his father who was a lifelong woodworker. This was Mike's first time inlaying bowties.

From Larry in Ohio

White Ash with Black Walnut Bowties

The Emeral Ash Borer (EAB) is 

From Yusuf in North Carolina

Rainbow Poplar with Purpleheart Bowties

From Zach in California

Redwood with Honduran Mahogany Bowties

From Mike in Texas

Black Walnut Charcuterie Board and Bowtie

From Charles in Virginia

Cherry with Birdseye Maple Bowties

From Summer in California

Black Walnut with Olive Bowties

From Andrew in Texas

67!!! Bowties So Far!!!  I just lost my BowTie King Crown!

From Zack in Wisconsin

Birch with Cherry Bowties

From Andrew in Ohio

Black Walnut Bowties

From Adam in Washington State

Birdseye Maple Bowties and White Oak

From Andrew in Ohio

Black Walnut Bowties

From Davina in Florida

Her first bowtie inlays!

Acacia with Leadwood

From Zack in Wisconsin

Birch with Black Walnut

From David in Oregon

Black Walnut with Black Walnut Bowties

His first experience wooworking since 8th grade shop class!  Great job!

From Aaron in Washington State

Hawaiian Earpod Wood with Ambrosia Maple Bowties

Rubio Monokote finish

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