Spalted maple book matched  top with base of white oak wtih  black wanlut wegdes and splines.

I sourced the top from Enter the Earth (link below)  in Asheville.  The petrified wood top comes from the Menabe region of western Madagascar, in the former Toliara Province.  (Province de TulĂ©ar in French) near the city of Ankondromena.  Because deposits of different ages are often mixed during collection, scientists date it broadly as Triassic in age (~252-201 million years ago).  Most Madagascan material is preserved Araucarioxylon wood, a genus of evergreen trees related to the modern araucarias.  Base is Black Walnut and Oak wedges and splines.  Available, $475

Commision piece for my friend Bob.  Happy RV'ing!

Ellen requested I make an end table for the house.  In a wood working magazine, I saw a piece of furniture with wedged through mortise and tenons.  Incorporating this style of joinery, I designed these end tables. 

Commission piece

Black Tupelo, Lyptus & Makore Curly Bowties

Antoni Gaudi inspired legs from Flowyline Design

Cabinets are Pecan harvested from trees downed from Tuscaloosa tornados of 2011.  Shelves are locally sourced Hickory as is the Poplar bookmatched drawer.  Dovetails were made with Leigh D4R Dovetail setup.

Bookmatched Poplar Cabinet to cover hot water heater

Spalted Sycamore Foot Stool

Christmas Present for Ellen

Cherry Coffee Table or Bench with Patagonian Rosewood Bowtie Inlay

60" x 18"  x 17 1/2"


Canarywood Coffee Table with Bloodwood Structural Bowtie Inlays

44" x 17" x 18"


Black Walnut End Table with Katalox Bowtie Decorative Inlay

16" x 15" x 22"


Black Walnut End Table

18" x 16" x 20 1/2"


Black Walnut End Table with Purpleheart Bowtie Decorative Inlay

15 1/2" x 14" x 24"


Canarywood End Table with Bloodwood Bowtie Structural Inlays

20 1/2" x 15" x 25"


Mancala African Board Games

Available in my Etsy Shop

Shop bathroom countertop

Red Gum with decorative Macadamia Bow Tie Inlay

Red Gum with Spalted Sycamore Decorative Bow Tie Inlay


Spalted Black Gum TV Console Table

Koa Bowtie Inlays

White Ash Floating Shelf


Black Walnut Live Edge End Table

Black Palm Bowtie Inlay


Poplar live edge Tv console table

 Ziricote wood bowtie inlays.

Black walnut floating shelf


Black Walnut Floating Shelves


Cedar Corner Table with Cypress Legs

The Dixie Day Bed

Other names considered:

"They said there'd be no more math"

"Sohcahtoa" (remember the geometry mnemonic?)

Contact me for plans or commission build

From this piece of Osage Orange I made tables for my girls and a piece of wall art for my wife

Maple Coffee table with Cherry Bow Tie Inlay

Available, $500

Moran McGyvered, Ambrosia Maple Side Table 


White Oak Writing/Sofa Table with Bocote Inlay

Available, $700

Black Walnut live edge coffee table

Camelthorn wood bowtie inlays


Moran McGyvered Flip Top Tool Cart

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