Do you sell router guides/templates for your bowtie inlays?

No, I don't.  Let me explain why I don't make templates for my bowties and why I don't make bowties to fit the commercially available templates.  

I hand cut all of my bowties instead of using a router or CNC machine (uses a router).  Cutting with a router results in a lot of waste, produces a lower yield of bowties, and is not amenable to cutting the majority of exotics that come in blanks rather than dimensional board sizes.  With such a low yield, my bowties would more than double in price making them too expensive.  Since I handcut my bowties, there will always be a slight variation in the size and shape that wouldn't fit precisley into a routed out hole.  Lastly, I try and cut bow ties to my standard sizes, but sometimes the size changes to maximize the yield.

More importantly as a wood worker, learning to do an inlay is a good next step in your learning hand tool wood working skills.  Even if you use a template, you still have to chisel out the corners.  So, the only additional work not using a template is chiseling the sides.  I'm self-taught and watch wood working videos on YouTube.  I tried all the techniques and assimilated what worked into my personal technique.  I've gotten feedback from several customers that were successful with my technique.  Click on the Wood Bow Tie Inlays page at the top where I explain my technique along with a downloadable pdf and a video.  You can also find the pdf and video link at woodsurgeonshop on Etsy.



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